UCLA Faces Pregnancy Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuit

UCLA faces a pregnancy discrimination and retaliation lawsuit. Two years ago a neurobiology doctorate student, Sandra Koch, filed a discrimination complaint against the university. The complaint includes allegations of pregnancy discrimination. Koch claims her supervisor fired her shortly after informing the supervisor that she was pregnant. As a result, Koch filed a grievance through her union, which represents postdoctoral researchers at UCLA. Later, Koch reached a settlement with the university, allowing her to continue her research at a different lab at the university. At the new lab she would have a new supervisor as well. But, this agreement did not go as she expected.

Most doctorate holders have the opportunity to extend their postdoctoral positions under certain conditions. If the candidate secures funding and support from advisors, the doctorate holder can extend the position. However, two years after the original suit, UCLA recently informed Koch that her postdoctoral appointment would end on the original end date of June 30. Even though Koch both secured funding and secured support, UCLA still informed Koch that her time at the university had come to an end.

Pregnancy Discrimination and Retaliation

Koch claims her initial firing was the result of pregnancy discrimination. Also, Koch claims that the firing two years later is a result of retaliation.

About 40 union members marched through UCLA’s campus to protest the university’s actions. The union members are protesting both pregnancy discrimination and retaliation.

You should never have to fear losing your job because of a pregnancy. Your pregnancy should be a joyful time for you and your family. If you are discriminated against, you should also never experience retaliation from your employer for making claims of discrimination. If you have experienced pregnancy discrimination or retaliation in the workplace, please let us help you.

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