Waitress and Waiter Sexual Harassment

The restaurant industry witnesses pervasive sexual harassment. Alarming reports suggest that up to 90% of women and 70% of men experience a form of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. Reports include sexual harassment from managers, coworkers, customers, etc. Additionally, female restaurant workers report sexual harassment at a rate five times greater than the general female workforce. However, sexual harassment extends to both women and men. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that 37% of sexual harassment claims come from the restaurant industry from both women and men.

In one major example, McDonald’s faced allegations recently of rampant sexual harassment within the company’s workforce. Waitresses and waiters should perform their jobs without the fear of sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment for Waitresses

Waitresses and waiters experience sexual harassment in their restaurants. Whether the harassment arises from the conduct of a manager, coworker, or customer, this type of conduct is unlawful and wrong.

Even though men make up the majority of management roles in restaurants, 52% of restaurant employees are women. Also, the restaurant industry has a turnover rate of 70%. This means that every year 70% of the workplace changes. Consequently, this may increase the chances of sexually harassed employees to leave work without filing a complaint. This avoids litigation for the restaurant, but could have detrimental and harmful effects on the employees.

Waitresses (and waiters) also experience sexual harassment from the customers at their restaurant as well.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct in the workplace. These types of behaviors can be so pervasive or severe that they create harmful or detrimental work environments for employees.

Waitresses and waiters can experience sexual harassment in their restaurants from their managers, coworkers, or even customers. For example, sexual harassment can include incessant and inappropriate comments from the waitress’s manager on her appearance. In another example, sexual harassment may be inappropriate grabbing or groping from a customer.

Waitresses and Waiters should not experience any form of sexual harassment at work in their restaurant. This conduct is unlawful and harmful to the restaurant employees.

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