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New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA)

The New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) protects employees who come forward to report illegal and fraudulent activities and employer commits. CEPA is frequently referred to as New Jersey’s whistleblower statute and prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who report such activity. Termination, demotion, job transfers, or any form of intimidation, abuse, or harassment is considered unlawful when taken against an employee who exercises their legal right to report corruption.

A whistleblower takes many risks when they choose to report the illegal or fraudulent activities of their employer. Though confidentiality laws protect the employee’s name from becoming public, it is not always easy to remain anonymous. Compensatory and punitive damages can be awarded to the whistleblower, leading disgruntled employers and colleagues to become hostile toward the employee, often questioning their motives.

The experienced Cherry Hill CEPA lawyers at McOmber & McOmber are committed to helping clients report the crimes their employer commits. Our team knows how difficult it is to report these crimes, and we work diligently to claim justice and collect the compensation our clients are entitled to under the law, while protecting the right of whistleblowers in New Jersey.

Whistleblower Rights and Protections Under the Law

An employee has the legal right to report activities that they believe to be illegal or fraudulent without fear of retaliation. When they witness these activities, they have the right to refuse to participate in them, to report their findings to a court, prosecutor or another investigative body, and to refrain from performing work duties that would harm public health, safety, welfare, or the environment. When the whistleblower is employed by a federal or state agency, they can become involved in a qui tam case, which is protected under Federal and State False Claims Acts.

When retaliatory actions occur as a result of a whistleblower’s actions, a qualified CEPA lawyer can ensure that the employee’s rights and their job are protected. Employees considering reporting illegal and fraudulent activity of their employer in New Jersey can seek our help to ensure that their identity and legal rights are protected in the process. Our CEPA lawyers know what constitutes illegal activity and advise clients on the best legal strategy to result in a successful claim.

Protections and Compensation Available Under CEPA Laws

Public and private sector employees are all covered by CEPA protections. Any employee or independent contractor that reports illegal, unethical, or fraudulent actions and then suffers retaliation has the right to sue the company for damages. Types of retaliatory actions include termination, demotion, pay cut, a poor performance review, harassment, and transfer of location or job duties.

The employee who suffers this type of retaliation can be entitled to compensation. This can include money for economic losses suffered from demotions or termination, recovery of past and future wages, emotional distress, attorney and legal fees, and punitive damages. At any time in the process of considering reporting an employer, the experienced and knowledgeable Cherry Hill CEPA lawyers at McOmber & McOmber can help you claim justice and the compensation to which you are entitled.

Cherry Hill CEPA Lawyers at McOmber & McOmber, P.C. Represent Victims of Retaliation in Whistleblower Cases

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