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Recent Changes to New Jersey Anti-Wage Theft Law

New Jersey Acting Governor Sheila Oliver signed into law A-2903/S-1790 on August 6, 2019. This new law concerns “enforcement, penalties, and procedures for law regarding failure to pay wages.” In an effort to further protect New Jersey employees, this Anti-Wage Theft law makes important changes to NJ’s criminal and civil laws. These changes include the… Read More

Verona, New Jersey and Officials Sued by Numerous Ex-Employees for Discrimination

As of August 2019, the town of Verona, New Jersey, is defending itself against a number of discrimination lawsuits that were filed back to back by former employees and department heads, including a police officer, clerk, and court administrator. They all allege discrimination and pay disparity, as well as retaliation. The police officer’s complaint in… Read More

How the #MeToo Movement is Changing the Law and Your Rights in the Workplace

In the years since the #MeToo movement emerged, there is no question that the culture surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace as it relates to employment law and discrimination, as well as retaliation has completely transformed. This includes the culture here in New Jersey, where new state and federal legislation has changed in an effort… Read More

Bergenfield Seeks to Dismiss Whistleblower Lawsuit

Bergenfield, New Jersey seeks to have a whistleblower lawsuit dismissed that was filed by a former police officer. Lawsuit Filed In October of 2016, Officer Legregni filed a lawsuit alleging that he faced retaliation during his employment as a police officer. Legregni claims that after raising concerns about the misconduct of his fellow officers, the… Read More

Recent Amendments to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

  Employers accused of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation often times offer the claimant a settlement. The settlement is generally an attempt to make the claim disappear or “go away” to avoid litigation. This avoids the high costs associated with litigation and allows the accused party to settle without any admission of liability or… Read More

Waitress and Waiter Sexual Harassment

The restaurant industry witnesses pervasive sexual harassment. Alarming reports suggest that up to 90% of women and 70% of men experience a form of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. Reports include sexual harassment from managers, coworkers, customers, etc. Additionally, female restaurant workers report sexual harassment at a rate five times greater than the general… Read More

Former Google Employee Claims Pregnancy Discrimination

A former Google employee announced that she plans to sue Google for pregnancy discrimination. The woman, Chelsey Glasson, claims to have experienced discrimination at work during her pregnancy. Claims of Pregnancy Discrimination Glasson wrote a memo, seen now by more than 10,000 of her colleagues, explaining why she was leaving the company after the birth… Read More

New Jersey Law Against Discrimination May Extend to Specific Out of State Employees

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) may extend to particular groups of out of state employees, specifically telecommuters. NJLAD May Apply to Out-of-State Telecommuters The New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division held that the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) may apply to employees who telecommute to work for a New Jersey employer. In… Read More

New Jersey’s New Law Prohibits Employers From Requiring Salary History

In the summer of 2019, New Jersey passed a new law that prohibits employers from requesting or relying on job applicants’ salary history (or worker’s wages), and it goes into effect on January 1, 2020. What the New Law Prohibits Specifically, the new law prohibits any employer from screening a job applicant based on his… Read More

New Bill Provides Further Protections for Pregnant Employees

A new bill has attracted bipartisan support in the United States House of Representatives. The bill addresses pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. The bill, introduced to the House on May 14, 2019, would help set the stage for new laws to provide further workplace protections to pregnant employees. Specifically, the bill provides further protections for women… Read More

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