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School Officials Alleging Discrimination

Eight former employees of a Jersey City school are planning to sue the district over alleged discrimination. The group lost their jobs back in June at a board meeting, and six of them are suing for five million dollars apiece. A notice was sent to the district last month, informing them that the lawsuit had… Read More

Sexual Harassment Still an Issue in New Jersey

It has been more than a year since the #MeToo movement started. With all the attention this has garnered, some organizations want to gauge its effectiveness. The New Jersey Business & Industry Association and Taft Communications co-sponsored a recent poll that was administered through Fairleigh Dickinson University. The University contacted 619 New Jersey workers via phone… Read More

Elmwood Park Police Claim Discrimination and Retaliation

Five employees of the Elmwood Park Police Department, who have been fired or suspended within the past year, are claiming that the cause for their dismissal was not the charges brought against them, but instead was fueled by discrimination and retaliation. One officer, dismissed for consistently reporting inaccurate mileage on his police car, believes his… Read More

Worker Alleges Retaliation After Not Being Reinstated for Third Time

A former public works employee is suing the Borough of Roselle after he was denied a reinstatement for the third year in a row. His lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims that the borough chose to hire a man with less experience, rather than reinstate him to his previous position as superintendent in the Department… Read More

IBM Age Discrimination

Three former employees have filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the tech giant IBM. The women claim that they were fired due to the company’s desire to build a younger workforce. In support of this conclusion, a 2018 ProPublica report stated that the company has fired more than 20,000 employees older than 40 in the… Read More

Medicaid Fraud Investigation Whistleblower Retaliated Against

A career investigator in the Medicaid Fraud Division (Division) alleges that he was made the scapegoat for the Lakewood Township “Amnesty Program,” which permitted dozens of welfare benefit recipients who had committed fraud to repay back only a small portion of what they received, despite officials in the State Comptroller’s Office promising that all of… Read More

NJ Law Office Worker Preyed on Shooting Victims

The firm manager of a New Jersey law firm has been charged with sexual harassment of two of the firm’s clients. This is not the first time such accusations have been made against this firm manager. In 2015 a lawsuit was filed claiming that the same manager had offered free legal services to a client,… Read More

Facebook Accused of Gender Bias in its Job Ads

Facebook has done a lot to alter society. Between allowing people to connect all over the world through both written word and video, to helping small businesses see great return on minimum investments, it has consistently made many things easier. However, it seems that has not been without some occasional steps backwards. Facebook May Be… Read More

McDonald’s Workers Strike Over Sexual Harassment

Groups of female McDonald’s workers participated in a one-day nationwide strike in September, to raise awareness concerning alleged sexual harassment, which has been occurring at some of the company’s franchise locations. Inspired by the #MeToo Movement, workers from 10 cities walked out of their jobs at lunchtime, to protest McDonald’s handling of sexual misconduct complaints… Read More

Medical Marijuana Use and Employment

The current climate surrounding the use of medical marijuana varies significantly on a state-by-state basis and continues to evolve. As a newer legal issue, there still exist many situations that have not yet been determined from a legal perspective. Medical Marijuana and Discrimination on the Basis of Disability Accommodation Under a recent case concerning disability… Read More

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