Marlton Employment Lawyers: Tips for Qui Tam Whistleblowers

Marlton Employment Lawyers: Tips for Qui Tam WhistleblowersMarlton employment lawyers represent clients who want to “blow the whistle” and report that their employer or former employer is committing fraud against the federal government. This is a claim under the federal False Claims Act, also known as a Qui Tam action. It occurs when a company that works closely with the federal government has defrauded them in some form.

This is a serious matter and people who have the courage to bring a claim under the False Claims Act can be rewarded monetarily if the case is successful. This sort of case is not brought lightly since, if the plaintiff is found to be lying, there are heavily penalties and possibly jail time involved.

When bringing this sort of case, it is crucial that you select the right attorney since not many attorneys have experience in this area of law. Additionally, whistleblowers must have a multitude of accurate records. Attorneys who bring these types of cases will ask for as much evidence as you can provide to corroborate your statements. If you are not able to corroborate your accusations with documents, medical records, emails, or any other type of evidence, an attorney knowledgeable in this area of law may not be willing to bring your case even if they believe your facts are true. If the corroboration is not there, this type of cases can be risky for the plaintiff.

Do Not Hesitate in Reporting Fraud

Only the first reporter is eligible for the award, so once you believe you have evidence of fraud, you must act quickly to report it to the state Attorney General’s office. Also, it is of utmost importance that you do not discuss your allegations with family and friends. Talking to an attorney who has extensive knowledge in this area of law should be the first contact you make regarding the fraud. If a person decides to first report the fraud to the company prior to consulting an attorney, they should not sign any document that is not first reviewed by an independent attorney.

The whistleblower in this circumstance must know that the process will be lengthy and trying at times. After you bring a claim, the government will want to conduct its own investigation and this could take months or years. Additionally, even after an investigation is completed, the actual litigation could take an inordinate amount of time to wind through the court. Being a plaintiff in this type of case requires a certain amount of fortitude from you and your attorney.

Marlton Employment Lawyers at McOmber & McOmber, P.C Represent Whistleblowers in Qui Tam Actions

Marlton employment lawyers at McOmber & McOmber, P.C. can thoroughly assess whistleblower cases that allege fraud against the federal government and advise you of the critical next steps. Contact our offices in Marlton, New Jersey or Red Bank, New Jersey where we serve clients throughout the state. Call toll free at 888-396-0736 or contact us online.



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