Facebook CEO’s Security Chief Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a security detail to protect him 24/7. However, Zuckerberg’s chief of security, Liam Booth, now faces allegations of sexual harassment. Booth has 25 years of experience working in security, including the United States Secret Service. But, former employees who have worked alongside Booth claim Booth harassed other workers.

Sexual Harassment and Racist Comments

According to two former employees of Zuckerberg’s security staff, Booth acted inappropriately towards other employees. Booth previously worked as a Secret Service agent under President Obama. Now, he faces accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination against his fellow workers.

The former employees allege that Booth groped Zuckerberg’s household staffers and made lewd comments toward the employees. Also, the employees claim that Booth made homophobic and racist jokes. In a few instances, Booth allegedly made jokes about Zuckerberg’s wife, commenting on her nationality. The workers recall Booth saying Zuckerberg’s wife could not drive because she is an Asian woman.

One of the former staffers allegedly witnessed Booth criticizing a staff member’s sexual orientation. Another staffer recalls Booth commenting that he does not trust black people. This same staffer also claims that Booth referred to a transgender employee as an “it.” Booth has allegedly made frequent racist and sexist remarks to various employees.

Allegations Surface

Zuckerberg became aware of the allegations against his chief of security after receiving notice from the law firm, The Bloom Firm, representing the former employees. However, the Bloom Firm has not commented whether or not the former employees intend to file a lawsuit. As a result of the accusations, Booth has been placed on administrative leave. An outside law firm is conducting its own independent investigation into the claims made.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome advances or conduct of a sexual nature or based on someone’s sex that create a hostile work environment for the victim. All employees should feel safe and comfortable in their workplace. You should never feel discriminated against when you go to work.

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