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What is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

Employees should always feel comfortable and safe where they work. Unwelcome advances in the workplace can create a hostile work environment for employees. Sexual harassment can take many forms and leave victims feeling vulnerable and violated. The actions can be severe or pervasive, yet many victims will not know what steps to take or how… Read More

McDonald’s Faces Charges of Sexual Harassment

McDonald’s Faces Charges of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace   McDonald’s is facing allegations of sexual harassment from its employees. Twenty-five women have recently filed sexual harassment lawsuits against the McDonald’s Corporation. The complaints include gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment claims. Unwelcome Advances, Indecent Exposure, and Retaliation The 25 allegations against McDonald’s food chain include… Read More

What is NJ Family Leave Insurance?

When a family member becomes seriously ill, or if you have a newborn baby at home, you may need to take time off. NJ Family Leave Insurance allows you to do this. NJ Family Leave Insurance provides employees with wage replacement benefits for a limited amount of leave time. An employee may take time off… Read More

Former PayPal Employee Hits Arbitration Snag With Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Job candidates who are offered positions regularly fill out paperwork as part of the hiring process. However, many do not talk about the legally binding documents with a gender discrimination attorney or employment lawyer. As such, they rarely balk when they are expected to sign a forced arbitration agreement. As one former PayPal employee has… Read More

Pulse Nightclub Shooting Survivors Harassment Claims Upheld

Two survivors of the deadly 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando claimed that a law firm employee sexually harassed them while the firm was using them to secure additional clients. The firm made a motion to have the plaintiffs’ claims dismissed, but earlier this month, a Camden County, New Jersey state judge denied their motion…. Read More

Medical Marijuana Workplace Ruling

Recently, the New Jersey Appellate Division made a ruling that may affect employees who are using medicinal marijuana for valid health reasons. A former employee of a company had lost his job after informing them about his legal medical marijuana use. He took them to court but did not win the case. Since then, however,… Read More

Hotel Employee Safety

Spurred by the progress and changes happening to protect employees across the nation and the world, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) is pushing for change in the hospitality industry. Hotel and resort workers are not immune from the same civil rights issues plaguing boardrooms and offices across the nation. Last fall, the AHLA… Read More

New York Teacher Fired Over Topless Selfie

A New York woman who was fired from her job as a middle school teacher after a topless photo of her surfaced has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the school district that employed her. The Long Island math teacher claims her career was ruined after a student found a topless photo she had sent… Read More

Netflix Facing Pregnancy Discrimination

With ground-breaking streaming shows such as Orange is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, all women-led shows, Netflix has been praised for offering a platform for women to tell their stories. However, Netflix may not prove as accommodating to women as it appears. A Netflix executive claims she was fired because of her pregnancy… Read More

Google Misconduct Exit Package

In early March, it was revealed that Google’s parent company Alphabet had paid former executive Amit Singhal close to $45 million dollars when he resigned back in 2016. This was in light of a sexual harassment controversy; he had been accused of groping one of his coworkers. Singhal was a Google senior vice president at… Read More

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