Cherry Hill Collections Lawyers

We Help Businesses Collect Outstanding Debts

Outstanding customer debt can severely cripple your business. In order to ensure your company’s success and avoid bankruptcy, it may be necessary to hire a debt collection law firm to assist with your financial recovery.

Armed with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of New Jersey business law, our Cherry Hill collections lawyers at McOmber & McOmber, P.C. are prepared to diligently represent all types of businesses in and around Cherry Hill in personal and commercial debt collection matters. The thriving business community in Cherry Hill is home to companies from every industry, including service providers, equipment leasing firms, manufacturers, distributors and contractors. Our firm has the knowledge, experience and ability to successfully help both small and large companies from any industry obtain financial recovery.

We provide hands-on, assertive representation in a variety of personal and commercial debt collection areas, including:

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Professional Services
  • Promissory Loans
  • Personal and Business Loans
  • Unpaid Commissions
  • Equipment Loans

Personalized Attention to Maximize Results

Our Cherry Hill collections lawyers understand that each case is unique. For every client serve, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances of a debt to prepare a comprehensive and sound legal strategy that is appropriate for each particular situation and compliant with all Federal and State Consumer Protection Laws including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We thoroughly review all documents in detail and conduct an in-depth analysis of a debtor’s assets in order to maximize recovery.

More than just a Collection Agency

Our Cherry Hill collection lawyers at McOmber & McOmber are equipped with the necessary resources to achieve significantly better results than typical New Jersey collection agencies. Our team employs proven strategies and works efficiently to ensure favorable results and maximize your recovery. Most importantly, we also have the means and ability to proactively pursue all financial recovery strategies and legal options, including filing a lawsuit to recover outstanding debt in New Jersey. Debt collection techniques employed by our Cherry Hill collection lawyers have proven to be highly effective at prompting voluntary payments; however, we are always prepared to go to court if necessary. Once we have obtained a favorable judgement, we will also take steps to ensure that judgement is enforced by means such as wage garnishment, property liens, bank liens, asset seizures and various other means of post-judgment execution.

Client Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients and are committed to giving all clients the personalized attention they deserve. Our knowledgeable, dedicated, highly skilled collection attorneys will leave no stone unturned as we strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns, and we will guide you through every step of the process. Unlike a collections agency, we have the ability to pursue debt collection matters in court, and we will aggressively protect your interests throughout any necessary litigation.

Cherry Hill Collections Lawyers at McOmber & McOmber, P.C. Fight Tirelessly to Recover Overdue Debts

If your company is suffering because of unpaid debt or you require legal representation in any type of collection matter, call our Cherry Hill collections lawyers at McOmber & McOmber, P.C. We have earned our reputation for success by persistently advocating on behalf of our clients’ interests and consistently achieving positive results. Our attorneys look forward to helping your company recover outstanding debt and protecting its financial well-being. Call our Marlton, New Jersey offices at 856-985-9800 or our Red Bank, New Jersey offices at 732-842-6500, or contact us online for a free consultation with a qualified New Jersey collections lawyer.