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The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and various federal statutes bar discrimination for certain protected classifications.  For instance, under New Jersey law, discrimination in the workplace is prohibited based on:

Employers facing accusations of discrimination must also work closely with lawyers who can develop the strongest possible defenses to these claims. Our firm represents a wide range of employers to prevent, investigate, and defend discrimination claims.From our offices in Red Bank, New Jersey, or Marlton, New Jersey, we at McOmber & McOmber, P.C., have represented employees and employers throughout the state in employment discrimination matters in the workplace.  Our lawyers are known for their ability to produce results and provide effective advocacy.  Having handled cases for both employers and employees, we understand the specific tactical and strategic issues involved.  With our depth and breadth of experience, we can anticipate likely challenges and work tirelessly to overcome them.

Employment Discrimination Attorney- Advocating To Protect Your Rights

Discrimination in the workplace can cover a broad spectrum of activity including:

  • Termination or demotion based on membership in a protected class
  • Failure to recruit or hire
  • Differential treatment or pay
  • Withholding training, promotions or career advancement
  • Being subjected to harassment or increased scrutiny, which is known as a hostile workplace environment
  • Terminating or disciplining an employee in retaliation for making a complaint

Whether you are an employer defending against such a claim, or an employee who has been subjected to discrimination, our employment discrimination lawyers in Marlton and Red Bank can take action. We will provide you with a clear and candid evaluation of any potential employment discrimination claims, as well as all legal options and recourse available to you.

Pregnancy And Medical Circumstances

Employers are increasingly held accountable for discrimination against pregnant women or employees dealing with medical situations.  The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) bars certain types of employment discrimination on the basis of pregnancy.

  • Refusal to hire because of pregnancy status
  • Discharging an employee because of pregnancy status
  • Treating a pregnant employee in a manner less favorable the non pregnant employees with similar work abilities or inabilities
  • Discriminating against an employee based on pregnancy-related disabilities

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which applies only to certain types of businesses, pregnant women’s jobs are to temporarily reserved during their maternity leave.  Also, jobs are to be temporarily reserved for employees suffering from a medical condition or who have to take a leave to deal with specified family matters. Where applicable, the failure of a company to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a violation of employee rights.  McOmber & McOmber is poised to assess your particular matter, to advise you on the applicable employment discrimination statutes, and to advocate tenaciously on your behalf.

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