Former Google Employee Claims Pregnancy Discrimination

A former Google employee announced that she plans to sue Google for pregnancy discrimination. The woman, Chelsey Glasson, claims to have experienced discrimination at work during her pregnancy.

Claims of Pregnancy Discrimination

Glasson wrote a memo, seen now by more than 10,000 of her colleagues, explaining why she was leaving the company after the birth of her second baby. In the memo entitled “I’m Not Returning to Google After Maternity, and Here is Why,” Glasson explains the alleged pregnancy discrimination she experienced. In her account, Glasson claims that multiple managers made inappropriate comments toward her about pregnant women. After reporting these instances, she claims she suffered from a delayed promotion. Glasson also alleges that following her reports, she experienced further harassment upon experiencing a health condition requiring early maternity leave. She believes that the stress involved with her alleged harassment and retaliation may have contributed to her pregnancy complications.

When Glasson informed her manager of her need for early maternity leave following her doctor’s advice, she claims her manager questioned the value of bedrest. In fact, she claims her manager tried to convince her to not take bedrest, explaining all the reasons she felt it was unnecessary. Glasson also claims in the same conversation that her manager emphasized that the management role was no longer guaranteed upon her return from maternity leave.

Word Spreads

Glasson had not come forward with her identity initially. More than 10,000 people working at Google read Glasson’s memo before they knew who wrote it. Significantly, several Google employees rallied in her support, even though they did not know the identity of the woman who wrote the memo.

However, Glasson has since decided to come forward and attach her name to the memo. She hopes to raise funds to support her claim and fight against the alleged pregnancy discrimination she experienced.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is illegal. An employer cannot treat an employee differently because of her pregnancy status. In fact, the State of New Jersey has some of the strongest laws in the country to protect pregnant women from discrimination! The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) protects pregnant employees from pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. If you believe you might have a claim for pregnancy discrimination, we are here to help.

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